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It was a troup of 7-10 people clothed in black robes like monks, with hoods, carrying flashlights.It was a bit gothic in nature but enjoyable nonetheless.

Gender Doc-M works in collaboration with COC (Netherlands) with financial support of the Royal Dutch Embassy in Ukraine and Moldova.There is no real red light district in Chisinau as the girls in the bars are pretty liberal, but you could always check out the local Chisinau newspaper, Makler, for escort classified adverts.Sexual minorities in Moldova are one of the most vulnerable and discriminated social groups.First Prides were organized in the USA in big cities at the beginning of 1970s and had gathered tens of thousands of people.Nowadays Prides or Love Parades take place in hundreds of cities all over the world and get together millions of people: gays, lesbians and all other interested people.

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Confetti drops and fireworks were happening throughout. Nelly Ciobanu came out on the stage, bursting out tunes. This was followed by another popstar, then I believe, the group “Fresh”. After this it was clear the crowd was ready to dance, and a large group began to fill the dance floor.