New match dating

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New match dating

Looking at the same Spy Fu data for e Harmony, they rank for 14,002 total keywords, and ranks on page 1 for 5,579 of keywords.Those page 1 rankings look pretty good compared to Match, but all of e Harmony's keywords only drive 1.06M monthly clicks.e Harmony ranks for a lot of keywords that probably aren't going to move the needle for the company.To do this, we dug into the website analytics of each company.We used Nacho Analytics and Spy Fu to take a peek at each company's Google Analytics.Match's social media traffic makes up 3.4% of its total website traffic. Its social media traffic makes up 0.8% of its total website traffic — a number so small it doesn't even appear on our chart above. This combination should mean that both e Harmony and Match have the ability to get a large percentage of traffic from the social platforms.The truth is, as you can tell from the numbers above, they're both terrible at driving traffic from social.

Match and e Harmony are two of the oldest and biggest players in the online dating game.

It gets even worse when we compare the data from Spy Fu. Of those keywords, Match ranks on page 1 for 4,493 of them.

That leads to about 3.51M monthly clicks on Match results.

With Match and e Harmony, we see large percentages of direct traffic, likely because each company has spent years building up their brand. But if we look at this number as a whole, it's not very insightful.

Match may have won this round, but that doesn't mean e Harmony is losing. Some estimates say that there are over 8,000 of these services worldwide. We're taking a departure from acquisition sources to look at user behavior. returning visitors can tell you a ton about your audience, the way they use your website, and even weaknesses in your own product. Ideally, dating sites want people to set up a profile, message people they're interested in, and come back day after day. It makes more sense to look at these numbers broken down by channel.

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