Nickhun dating

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Nickhun dating

2PM Members | 2PM is a boyband which formed by JYP after the conclusion of the survival reality show called Hot Blood Men which consisting of 14 men at the stake to debut as a boyband.

The group is formed with 7 members before Jay Park decides to leave before debut from Hot Blood Guys while the rest of debuted member joined into 2AM, a Ballad Group.

He starred at many Thai movies such as Seven Something and his highly grossed film Brother of The Year.

He also held an fanmeeting as a rendezvous of his career on music industry on 2017 in Tokyo, Osaka, and Seoul.

They debuted with the single named “ 10 points Out Of 10 Points” and later achieved huge success thanks to the second single named “again and again” which awarded with KBS song of the year on 2009 and best music of the year by Mnet Asia Music Awards.

They began debuted on Japan in 2013 with an album “Republic of 2PM”, Their latest release, “ Gentlemen’s Game” is become the last studio album before most of 2 PM had enlisted on their military duty.

He then expressed his feelings when he get the news that his ex already tie the knot through the song “Your Wedding” which is starred by Twice’s Nayeon He began his solo debut on 2011 with his first release song Alive which gain many recognition both in South Korea and in Japan, as his song is peaked at no 1 on Cyworld and Japan’s Recochoku.

Here are some facts about Taecyeon 2PM members profile trivia: He is actually got accepted into JYP after winning the Mgoon audition held by JYP, beating more than 5000 contestants to take a place as a winner.

Their relationship initially started as a friends where both of them actually coming from USA to chase their dreams in Korea.

Their warm relationship suggest to become a catalyst on how finally they’re dating each others.

Jun K was born in Daegu, South Korea and graduating from Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts .

Other Than Singing, he also notable for his ability to writing a song and reciting a poem.

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Nickhun had hosted many variety shows especially music show.

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