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The Roman Catholic bishops of Massachusetts, replying in The Pilot, the newspaper of the Boston Archdiocese, said that Weld's "domestic partners" decision harms the common good "by making a special interest group equal to the family" and confuses "civil rights and family benefits".They asked: "Why should special recognition and assistance be given to friends who happen to share the same house?Mary Bonauto of GLAD argued the case for the plaintiffs.Assistant Attorney General Judith Yogman represented the DPH.

In September 1993, the state's highest court ruled that state law allowed for second-parent adoption by a parent of the same sex as a biological parent.Senate President Tom Birmingham, an opponent of the amendment, called a joint meeting of the Legislature as a constitutional convention for June 19, 2002, and immediately adjourned it for a month saying legislators needed for time to consider the agenda items.When the constitutional convention met again on July 17, the amendment's opponents knew that proponents had the 50 votes needed for passage.In 1998, when the Legislature passed a home rule petition allowing Boston to create such a status, Governor Paul Cellucci vetoed it because it applied to different-sex couples, which he thought undermined marriage, while he offered to sign legislation that applied to same-sex couples only.Boston Mayor Thomas Menino's attempt to extend health care benefits to city employees' domestic partners by executive order, instead The state had no explicit regulations with respect to foster care and parenting by gays and lesbians, either singly or in relationships, until, on May 24, 1985, the state Department of Social Services, with the approval of Governor Michael Dukakis, created a rule that foster children be placed in "traditional family settings".

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In the decade that followed, political debate addressed same-sex relationships through two proxy issues: spousal benefits and parenting rights.