Ohio teen dating violence

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Ohio teen dating violence

3 in 4 parents have never talked to their kids about dating/intimate partner violence or sexual assault.Talking about what it means to have a relationship is the first step to preventing dating violence and abuse.

Although no two relationships are the same, these are common warning signs of dating abuse from Break The Cycle.org: said they didn’t think or didn’t know if dating violence was a problem. If you see warning signs in the relationship of someone you know, talk to them, show your support and help them get the resources they need like creating a safety plan.Aside from the physical abuse, teens also experience other forms of abuse, such as verbal abuse, isolation from friends, being monitored as to what theyre doing and where theyre going, and even control regarding their choice of clothing.More on Liz Claiborne Teen Dating Violence Program One in five female high school students in the study admitted to being physically or sexually abused by her boyfriend.Movies, songs, and stories all give illustrations of what a relationship is.Certainly these are powerful tools that teach our young people about feelings and emotions that are tied to dating and intimacy, but love is more than a feeling. Love comes with specific behaviors that are respect, kindness, honesty, etc.

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Help is Available within Your Reach What you can do If you are being abusive...