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Many people have this concept that no emotional heartbreak will be spared for Online Dating is often seen as ‘unreal’; I for one disagree.

Overall online daters will learn more about what they want and need in their ideal partner.

From what Beyonce have worn, to a picture of your mother’s lunch, the internet is simply amazing when it comes to searching for information. These days, the internet is not only used for funny cat videos or finding unkempt photos of that mean homeroom teacher. With the intention of being able to contact someone whom you are compatible with, with just a few clicks, the concept of Online Dating has been born.

Basically, the idea is, you and the other thousands upload a photo which shows your best side.

This helps the system understand what kind of partner you are looking for.

Thenceforth, you will be assigned the power of choosing your victims; Flipping to the right to express your affection or flipping to the left to show your animosity.

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Online Dating is a considerable learning process for both genders.

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