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She values good diet and exercise, and is on friendly terms with the head nurse of Yamaku; she promises to keep tabs on Hisao's exercise in exchange for having him as a running partner.

Emi is an energetic, extroverted strawberry blonde girl with twintails and forest-green eyes.However, she has trouble getting emotionally close to people, because she is afraid of losing people important to her.Hanako, as a child, suffered an accident in which her house burned down, taking the lives of her parents.She has spent most of her childhood in an orphanage and was bullied during her time in elementary and middle school, so she was offered to go to Yamaku because of the discourse.Initially, she is incredibly shy towards anyone except Lilly and Akira.

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Most of the art, sound, and animation assets used in the game are original and were created for the game by a dedicated team of artists on the development forums.

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