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The law can be applied retroactively to existing marriages.

Without the law, Hindus say their women were easy targets for rape or forced marriage and faced problems in proving the legitimacy of their relationships before the law. Pakistan’s Hindus and other minorities have faced a surge of violence in recent years as militant Islamists attack groups that do not share their strict interpretation of Islam.

I did have a particularly traumatic date once when I went out with a ‘liberal Muslim’.

I made it very clear that I am an atheist and he said he was fine with that.

I have dated Muslims and nothing extraordinary has happened as a result.

Christians, the other main religious minority, have a British law dating back to 1870 regulating their marriages.

“The objective of this bill is to provide a formal process of registration of marriage for Hindus,” said the bill passed by the legislature in Sindh, where most of Pakistan’s Hindus live.

Three days later we were at a café near my house on a Saturday afternoon.

Thirty minutes into the date he raised the topic of religion. He then spent the next twenty minutes preaching to me.

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Matrimonial websites under new rules will be required to name grievances redressal officer on their portals.

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