Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies oblivion dating system

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Pennsylvania grants for consolidating fire companies

Act 38 of 2017 prevents tax collection fraud by prohibiting tax payments to an account in an individual’s name and requires the creation of a separate account to be used solely for tax purposes.Act 48 of 2017 (Mensch) requires private sector-style performance-based budget reviews for all state departments and agencies at least once every five years.Act 14 of 2017 establishes a Rare Disease Advisory Council in the Department of Health.

Act 28 of 2017 (Gordner) stipulates that township supervisors shall not hold any other elective township office or appointed position in the township that is prohibited by state law.Reform Act 5 of 2017 (Corman) reforms state public pensions to save more than billion and shield taxpayers from billion or more in additional liabilities.Act 13 of 2017 (Folmer) reforms state law regarding the seizure and forfeiture of property.Act 22 of 2017 (Greenleaf) allows police officers to use body-worn cameras to record statements and actions at a crime scene.Act 30 of 2017 (Rafferty) provides for chemical testing and other measures related to driving after imbibing alcohol or using drugs.

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Act 29 of 2017 (Aument) creates an independent Office of Inspector General and gives Pennsylvania’s top fraud, waste and abuse investigator more authority.