Phytoseiidae predating thrips

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Phytoseiidae predating thrips

DOI: 10.4039/Ent90275-5 [Cross Ref] Athias-Henriot C. Phytoseiidae et Aceoseiidae (Acarina, Gamasina) d’Algérie.

Life cycle: Phytoseiids, fast-moving, proactive predators, live on plants and in the upper soil layers.

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Under winter and early spring greenhouse growing conditions, suppression of thrips by predatory mites can vary considerably on a species basis.

For certain mite species, shorter photoperiods, cooler temperatures, and lower vapor pressures translate to reductions in predation, oviposition, and survival.

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The biology of the predaceous mite Typhlodromus fallacis (Garman) (Phytoseiidae) at 78°F.

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