Pisces and virgo dating

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Pisces and virgo dating

Now that we have that explained, let’s go into the general compatibility of these signs.

Virgo is an active sign that isn’t very emotional, but they thrive in social atmospheres, even though they may come off very shy.

The Sign of the Fishes has a vivid and highly creative imagination.

Feet-on-the-ground Virgo has no time for anything that isn’t soundly based and totally realistic.

Because both desperately want everything to be perfect, each worries a lot about getting things right and what to do if something goes wrong.

But while Virgo’s main focus is on ironing out all the little details and practicalities, Pisces just wants everyone to feel sublimely happy.

In turn, down-to-earth Virgo has to accept it will probably never succeed in curing the emotionally volatile Fish of its moodiness – or in keeping its feet on the ground.

VIRGO-PISCES EMOTIONAL COMPATIBILITY Although quite different in their emotional make-up, Virgo and Pisces people are strongly attracted to the qualities in each other that they themselves are lacking.

Watery Pisces is guided more by its gut instincts, its hopes and dreams, and its idealistic aspirations.Each has the ability to compensate for the other’s weak points – and in this case Virgo’s practicality, efficiency and clear-headedness ideally balance Pisces’ sensitivity and tendency to be a bit spacey and disorganized at times.Equally Virgo’s attention to detail – which can sometimes manifest as nitpicking and worry about inconsequential issues – is nicely offset by Pisces’ much more accommodating and easygoing approach.VIRGO - PISCES MENTAL COMPATIBILITY Because Virgo has a very down to earth mind, while Pisces is a much more intuitive thinker, in theory these two Star Signs should be mentally quite well balanced.But when making decisions or faced with problems that need solving, they can easily spark off each other’s fears and anxieties.

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VIRGO-PISCES COMPATIBILITY OVERVIEW As far as love compatibility is concerned, traditionally this combination is considered to be rather exciting!