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Also back for another year will be the Bikes N’ Boards sponsored “water bottle toss” with a chance to win great prizes.

RASTA maintains the mountain bike, snowshoe, and hiking trails at Washburn Lake and Mud Lake in Oneida County and our race proceeds fund our maintenance and trail building activities.

Being a land-locked country and somewhat isolated in relation to other churches, this means that Christianity in Ethiopia has existed practically unchanged for 18 centuries.

On Sunday morning in Addis after we had all arrived we attended St George’s Church – this was the site of the grand occasion of the coronation of Haile Selassie in 1930.

This was certainly our experience across the entire trip.

Christianity was proclaimed as the state religion of Ethiopia in 333 ad. Up until 1959 it was administered by the Coptic Church in Alexandria.

The bounty of the country was evident from the fruit merchants on the side of the highway, harking sweet pineapples and strawberries to passing motorists.

Being in Addis Ababa and seeing his imposing statue in the capital at the centre of a major intersection which bears his name, hearing of his visit to Ethiopia in 1978 and seeing his welcome sign on the town limits to Shashamane, I got a much more visceral insight into what “Bob” means to millions of people, not just in Ethiopia but all over the world.This experience provided a powerful spiritual moment for the men in our group (women entering through a separate portal) and in many ways set the tone for the remainder of our trip.I also learned that through the Queen of Sheba’s visit to Jerusalem, Ethiopians claim their royal line descends directly from King Solomon and hence King David (this has huge ramifications for the origins of the Rastafari movement but more on that later).All of these factors go to make Ethiopia a fascinating and rich environment spiritually.And it is within this context that the life of Emperor Haile Selassie and emergence of the Rastafari movement begins to reveal itself. It is only through my friendship over the last few years with musicians such as Pato Banton, Antionette Hall and Ras I Ray that I have been exposed to the Reggae music scene.

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Race registration will be at the Perch Lake shelter set on the shores of Perch Lake.

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