Scholary dating tips consolidating debt options

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Scholary dating tips

Not having any personal experience of utilizing online dating communities, my interest is founded in the concept that such an inherently human and private matter of finding a romantic partner is being administered in a public, online domain.Having heard about this particular site, POF, from various friends and coworkers, I considered it to be a good community to select as a context for user’s experiences.Choosing an online love interest allows users to be very picky in terms of the qualities they are looking for in a partner.Online dating is also a signifier of the time-poor society we live in because it allows users to “shop” for a lover at any time that is convenient for them.The central questions this research study intends to answer are: what is the user’s experience of the online dating community, POF?

Aiming to arrive at a more concise topic, I selected online dating because of my interest and curiosity about this phenomenon.

It will only take into consideration the experiences of 4 users from the Ottawa, Ontario Plenty of Fish community.

Included in this sample size are 4 men between the ages of 23 and 30.

Online dating communities are a growing industry, like social networking sites, and are similar in that they both provide interpersonal communication with others over the Internet.

In contrast to social networking sites, online dating communities are tailored specifically to users who are looking for a romantic partner, connection, or encounter.

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