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Sex party in ireland

Questions to ask yourself:* When was the last time you were held?* What if it was okay to be held by someone you trusted?This group exists to facilitate regular, organised gatherings and opportunities to experience consensual, mindful, non-sexual touch and affection in a welcoming, safe, nurturing, obligation-free environment.We are the first and longest-running Official Cuddle Party community in Ireland."Touch has the power to comfort us when we are sad, heal us when we are sick, encourage us when we feel lost, and above all else, allow us to accept that we are not alone"~ Samantha Hess"A relaxed feeling of being held helps you to have nicer thoughts"~ Temple Grandin"To touch is to give life'"~ Michelangelo Welcome Irish Cuddlers!

* * * WHAT: Dublin-area Cuddle Party (official) DATE: 15 September 2019, Sunday DURATION: 3.5 hours TIME: pm - pm (doors open at pm) The first 15 minutes will allow you to change, socialise, get settled, then we will begin promptly at pm.

* What would be the worse thing that could come from being held? From birth through death, humans (and indeed all mammals) have a biological, neurological, spiritual and emotional and social need to give and receive loving, non-sexual touch and affection.

It is crucial for our mental and social development and emotional wellbeing.

Randy has a lifelong passion helping others experience freedom in their lives, loves, and relationships.

Feel free to contact Randy directly at any time with questions and he will be happy to answer them.

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