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For me, obviously being straight, it's uncomfortable. And people have taken that out of context, turned it around and called me a homophobe and things like that. Shawn nelson is not gay, so what if he talks with his hands, and has some feminine tendencies. He is actually a very nice person, and yes he is Straight. They also have a 9 year old son and a 4 year old daughter. Sy Hearn as Ted Randy Jandt as Pumpkin Man Shawn Pyfrom as Austin Shawn Hollenbach has: Played himself in "Under the Pink Carpet" in 2000.

As a child, drawing paper and colored pencils were the only gifts I ever asked for.

I was always drawing - my family, pets, my favorite cartoons; anything and everything that I loved as a child was captured by my pencils.

But I would also draw things as a way to understand them.

He is an American and is of English, Italian, Hungarian, Dutch, French, Welsh, and Irish descent.

It's been a long time that Shawn has been active in acting.

You can say it's great, or you could say it's uncomfortable. believe it or not, despite the things you have heard. You'd have to ask him in person or one of the band mates. ---------- Michael Shawn Hickenbottom (aka Shawn Michaels / HBK) has been married to his second wife since early 1999. The cast of My Life with Men - 2003 includes: Michael Angarano as Ben Nadia Dajani as Genevieve Josh Flitter as Patrick Sam Lerner as Marty Geoffrey Lewis as Paul Wendie Malick as Emily Zebrowski Shawn Pyfrom as Sam Sam Robards as Jess Zebrowski yea there gay dahhhh How would you know? They have been in long relationship with women and have children. So unless you have seen someone out physically with a man cuddling holding hands or caught in the act ........................enough said The cast of A Day in a Life - 2000 includes: Frances Bay as Rosa Jamieson Boulanger as Julian Richard Bull as Will Vernon Chapman as Howard Joy Coghill as Dorthy Barbara Collentine as Margaret Norris Domingue as Henry Miles Meadows as Punk Kid Tim Post as Police Officer Shawn Pyfrom as Jeremy Ann Turnbull as Nurse Thompson The cast of Pumpkin Man - 1998 includes: Philip Abbott as Grandpa Milton Creagh as Sam Hain Denise Crosby as Laurel Hollway Tiffany Ellen Solano as Jenn Mendez Austin Farmer as Son Goblin Jonathan Garner as Billy Bob Jr.

Shawn has not revealed anything about his sexuality and love life in the media.

Information related to his love affairs, married life, spouse and divorce is unknown. It's been a long time that Shawn has been active in acting.

He made his acting debut by starring the role of Shawn in the TV series Sing Me a Story with Belle in 1995.

Three years later he appeared in the TV series and movies like Pumpkine Man, From the Earth to the Moon and A Wing and a Prayer.

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