Speed dating indian professionals chicago

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Speed dating indian professionals chicago

Nerd Nite is an evening of empirical entertainment, back from the dead. Well you would have if you had Laser-Interferometry Gravitational-Wave Observatories for ears.

The film rating system seems innocuous; just a helpful guide to assess the age-appropriateness of a given movie. Geekiest costume (as judged by audience applause) wins a free drink on us. Likely you’d also hear mutters along the lines of “Ow, me teeth hurt! ” Life on the sea was more scurvy than it was swagger, in no small part because we kept losing the ubiquitous yet elusive cure for this dreaded vitamin deficiency.

One used charm, one used brute force, and one played politics with a skill that would have made Machiavelli go pale and clutch nearby furniture for support.

Sure, they all lost, but so did most of the men who took on the Empire. Unlike that time at your thesis defense, drinking and good-natured outbursts are encouraged!

As you may guess from this being a whole talk on the topic, the Motion Picture Association of America shapes the breadth of our country’s cinemagraphic art more than you may realize. Do you think pirate talk was all “Avast, ye miserable scallywags! From the Cape of Good Hope to Cape Horn, from Greenland to Antarctica, come and hear tell of the convoluted tale of the Scourge of the Seas!

From the Hayes Code of the 1930s to this month’s controversy over Lars von Trier’s new movie, you’ll learn about the historical arc of the shaping of American movie censorship. Did you hear the one where a pair of multi-Solar-mass black holes do-si-do’ed into a single, giant object?

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Bridget Holcomb is a proud representative of Duluth’s Nerd Nite.

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