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You can read ‘Obtain DNS server address automatically’ and ‘Use the following DNS server addresses.’ Turn on the second radio button.

And then, insert the following DNS addresses into it.

It is a free tool that can be downloaded from their official website. A startup management accessory also comes with this software.

Step (5): Look at the second section of the upcoming box.

Due to the errors in DNS, you won’t get good speed even if your connection is decent. When we type a URL into the address field, DNS changes the URL into the IP. Any error in Domain Name System results in the inability of internet connection to display websites.

The solution to this problem is nothing but change the default DNS our Internet Service Providers give.

I think you have already updated the OS to Windows 10.

Microsoft has managed to come up with an excellent Windows operating system after the Windows 8 struggling.

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You might have faced some issues as Windows 10 operating system is a new OS and is not free from bugs. Are you ready to take action for increasing internet speed? You now know how to boost internet speed in Windows, right? I recommend turning on this option if you have a high-speed internet connection. It is very irritating to wait hours for a small file to get downloaded completely. It’s none other than Internet Download Manager aka IDM. You need to spend some bucks to get the full version.

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