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“Once you start putting thugs’ faces all over billboards, it’s no longer down low,” he says.

“People in Atlanta have begun to refer to DL as Dick Lovers.” Living on the down low is not new.

“Even the voguing queens are now wearing their pants dropped off their ass, and they’re claiming to be hard.” Nicholson claims that such surreal scenes are becoming commonplace at DL parties and thug clubs across the country. Tru Dawg uses the homothug label as a marketing tool, a way to get over.

A perusal of HX produced the following options for Gay Pride week: Thug Passion (named for the drink), Thugs4thugs, Erotic Fight Club (featuring “muscle thugs, escorts, DL playas, hoodlums, and wrestling in oil . But open up the CD and you’ll find an X-rated photo of Tru Dawg demonstrating the safest way to put on a condom.

With his swishy gait and lilting falsetto, this brother was a universe removed from the menacing homothug portrayed in the media. On his self-distributed debut EP The Notorious Homothug, Tru Dawg raps about a day in the DL life over a house music beat.

“I call them thug princesses,” says Lewis Nicholson, editor of Glamma magazine. A self-proclaimed SGL (same gender loving) rapper who calls himself “out and proud,” Tru Dawg (Anthony Truly) has a day job as a fitness instructor, and he’s bared it all in the gay porn rags.

He’s clearly someone who flows across a spectrum of sexuality and gender.” Kelvin, a middle-class friend of mine, has always had a penchant for hip-hop.

He’s been openly gay to his family and co-workers for some time.

Bernard Jones, owner of Freak Dawg Productions, a black gay adult-entertainment company, notes that he’s “seeing more people who just completely defy any category of sexuality.Rapping about homothugs is a way for him to save lives rather than sermonize.If there’s a DL community today, it’s the result of this sort of brazen marketing.“Pride on THE DL.” Those four words of colossal irony were printed across a flyer I was handed during the summer of 2001.It was an invitation to a hip-hop party for men of color, called Brooklyn Sensation.

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At the time, the media were in a feeding frenzy over black and Latino MSMs (men who have sex with men) living “on the down low.” In refusing to disclose their homosexual adventures to their female partners, these guys were being blamed for skyrocketing HIV rates in communities of color.

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