Tantric singles dating

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This revolutionary form of singles event has connected spiritual people in long-lasting relationships based on shared values and beliefs.

Most parents set aside a specific time in their adolescent child’s life to have The Talk.

Responsible parents are expected to talk to their children about how sex works, but, all too often, that formal discussion doesn’t include how relationships work.

They have also gone a step further and offered real-world opportunities to mix and mingle at Tantra Speed Date events in New York, Austin, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Phoenix, London, and other big cities.You'll be able to The meetings, guided processes, meditations, dance and circlework enable you to grow and explore at your own pace in a playful and supportive learning environment.Coaching sessions, in person or by telephone, can help you integrate what you experience in the workshops into your everyday life.Jan's workshops are for everybody who wants to learn to experience a deeper relationship with themselves, with the people they meet and with Spirit.The workshops encourage you to be fully alive and present in your body, your feelings, your sexual nature, your heart, your being and your soul.

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