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The process of starting-up, verifying, and documenting the performance of buildings and systems to meet the owner’s specified requirements.This can also include training operations personnel on long-term operation and maintenance of systems.Reverse flow in a water system from the normal or intended direction.This includes flow around pumps and mechanical equipment, where it can create inefficiency in the system and undue wear of equipment.

This is not desirable as it can lead to corrosion, safety hazards, or property damage.Removes heat from the chilled water loop and transfers it to the condenser water loop (if water cooled), or directly to the outside air (if air cooled).Consists of a compressor, condenser, and evaporator (cooler).Joins metals by the melting of non-ferrous alloys (filler metal) that have melting points above 800°F | 425°C, but lower than those of the metals being joined.This is typically done by using a brazing acetylene torch.

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They are initially charged with water and then isolated.