Training exercises teen dating violence

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Training exercises teen dating violence

It carries more weight if they see the game through the eyes of the protagonist.

For more information: Bullying 101 for School Principals: What Principals Should Know and Be Able to Do This two-hour interactive distance learning course provides key information about dating violence and explains how you can help teens form healthy, violence-free relationships.

Plus, it’s hard to communicate with teens in love, and for young people to know what is, and isn’t, an abusive relationship.

“It may be the first relationship they’ve ever been in, and they might not know what is normal or healthy, or abnormal or unhealthy,” Crecente says.

Interactive quizzes, video clips, graphics, case studies, and online references present this research-based content in an engaging and informative way.

Dating Matters includes seven primary components that work together to reinforce protective factors and reduce risk factors for teen dating violence across the social ecology— at the individual, relationship, and community levels.

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Other games look like “Guitar Hero,” or old-fashioned Atari games.