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You don’t; you make two positive regulators and stack the outputs to create a bipolar power supply by using jumpers J1 & J2....The Balancer The Glass Ware Balancer is the inverse of the Glass Ware Unbalancer.New Octal Aikido All-in-One Much like its brother noval PCB, the new octal Aikido All-in-One stereo PCB uses a tube rectifier for establishing the B voltage and a voltage doubler for the regulated heater power supply....New PH-2 Phono Stage I have replaced the old PH-1 with the new PH-2. Aikido PCBs, the PH-2 uses only polypropylene power-supply reservoir capacitors in its four power-supply RC filters.The solution to this problem is the new Glass Ware PS-Tube-SS kit.Simple and self-contained, the PS-Tube-SS PCB holds two cascading RC filters for the high-voltage outputs and negative-bias-voltage power supply and 12Vdc power supply for the input stage...Although the circuit remains the same, two Aikido gain stages with passive RIAA equalization in between, I felt that the new boards were different enough from the PH-1 to warrant a new name, PH-2.... E A small divide exists in the world of tubes: noval and octals.

New PS Kit for Tube Equipment: PS-21 For two decades now, I have been told by audiophiles whose ears I trust that giving each channel its own separate heater power supply improves the sound, specifically, the stereo imaging. This is good news for me, as this is the power-supply that I use most in my own projects, as it small, but powerful. I wanted the PCB to be able to fit in more enclosures.This power supply is super simple: two 50µF/550V polypropylene capacitors, with a power RC resistor in between, and a tube rectifier.This new power supply is quite similar to the old PS-5.PS-Tube-SS It's a familiar problem: you would like to build a tube power amplifier, but you are daunted by the thought of having to deal with the high-voltage power supply.The amplifier's input and driver stages are simple enough, as is the output stage, but the power supply must offer several B outputs and a negative bias voltage for the output tubes.