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This little lab project will show you how to install and configure BIND on your computer as a caching name server, test it, then set it up as a primary name server with a zone file that you can use as a name resolver for your network or just for testing.

Setting up a name server on any GNU/Linux computer you have available is technically possible because it will not interfere with other hosts on the network or their operation.

In this article, you will start by learning how to create a caching name server, then you will move on and learn how to upgrade that to a complete primary (master) domain name server for your network, complete with forward and reverse zone files.

Setting up a name server using BIND is quite straightforward, so I'll show you how to do so on any computer you might have available for experimentation.

Before starting, you should prepare by performing the following steps.

First, make backup copies of the files /etc/hosts, /etc/named.conf, resolv.conf, and /etc/sysconfig/iptables.

In the previous post, we had configured the DNS server on Cent OS 7 which will act as a source for the slave server.

In this, we have two servers named primary and secondary.

Now we will configure secondary as a slave DNS server for itzgeek.local. ( 1002 ; Serial 3H ; Refresh 15M ; Retry 1W ; Expire 1D ; Minimum TTL ) ; Name Server Information @ IN NS primary.itzgeek.local. Change itzgeek.local & 1.168.192.with your zone names.

For example, if your lab host IP Address is, as is my epc, add the following line to the top of the name server list in /etc/resolv.conf: You could use the IP Address of your localhost, instead of the external IP address.

You should also comment out any lines pointing to other hosts as name servers. These changes will take effect immediately and no reboot or service restart is required.

If there are other entries in your hosts file, you may need to comment them out for the duration of this project if they interfere with naming or IP addresses.

Most of you will not have any entries other than the two default lines.

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However, you should probably not do this on a computer that you do not own or have the right to modify unless you have explicit permission to do so.

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