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Updating iphone calendar

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This procedure has been recommended by Apple Technical Support. Reconnect to i Cloud calendars Once the "Turning Off Calendars" status has disappeared, turn the "Calendars" switch ON again: Once the "Turning On Calendars" status has disappeared, everything will be back to normal and you will be connected with i Cloud as you were before.

It does no harm to your other calendars or to i Cloud. Disconnect from i Cloud calendars In the Settings app, go to "i Cloud", find the "Calendars" switch, and set it to OFF. But the Universalis Automatic calender will now be in i Cloud too, and will be visible in the Calendar app.

Or there will be one Universalis Automatic calendar and both devices will be updating it, which could make synchronization slow if each of them tries to undo the work of the other.

This page provides a product summary for each Apple model.

If you turn Universalis Automatic OFF, the calendar will no longer be updated but it will continue to exist. We want Universalis to be incapable of deleting calendars, so that there is no possibility of unfortunate accidents.

If you want to delete a calendar, use Apple's Calendar app, or i Cal or the Calendar app on your Mac.

If you synchronize your device with a Mac, the events calendar will also be visible in i Cal on your Mac. For every date in the year ahead, it creates an all-day event to tell you what that day is.

The calendar that is created is called Universalis Automatic. As time goes on, it repeats this process occasionally so that you always have a year's worth of future events.

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We do what we can to ensure that if you have i Cloud turned on, Universalis creates the Universalis Automatic calendar in i Cloud, but in this can't be fully reliable because there is no way for an application to determine unambiguously whether i Cloud is indeed turned on for calendars.

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