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Posted by / 15-Jun-2020 12:09

Do you really plan to scroll back through a years-worth of texts?

If the answer is “no,” it’s time to reconfigure your Messages settings.

It usually appears when you’re in the middle of recording a video or when you’re trying to snap a quick photo: “Cannot Take Photo: There is not enough available storage to take a photo.”And while many people are quick to delete their precious memories on the spot -- without spending the time to back up their Camera Rolls, there’s an easier way..

To recover a photo, just tap it, and then tap the Recover button which appears.

The film will be too big to download, which will then prompt a “not enough storage notification.” You select “OK” and then head to your Settings.

Select General, then go to Storage & i Cloud Usage and you’ll notice that you have more space.

“I’ll lose that piece of paper,” you told him, and took a snap of it with your i Phone camera, just in case.

And it turns out that this was a way smarter move than that fifth round of chili vodka shots, because you The Photos app on both i OS and mac OS keeps photos in a Recently Deleted album, which acts just like the Trashcan on the Mac, only it’s harder to empty.

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Saving two different versions of the same picture takes up space on your phone that may be preventing you from taking even more (high quality) photos.