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Once I log in using msn gateway/ aim gateway for msn user/ aim user, i get subscription request for user's buddies. This tree is wrapped up in a content Pane, but i have tried updating that and also no joy.Strangly it wont go away when i call the dispose() method on it either. thanks Hi all, I have a JTree using a custom model (which extends Default Tree Model), and the elements in the JTree are editable.These attributes including the node name, are editable. On some user action, the jtree has to be recreated.My problem is that when i change the node name on the right hand ... Several people will be modifying the database therefore the ticket status will change periodically. But, even though the jtree is re-created, it does not update on the panel.You'll need to rebuild the tree model from the database in the "refresh Tree()" method."reload()" tells the tree model that some of its nodes were changed and it needs to update.

user Child(new Item); This was when a new node was dropped on the tree. my Tree Model.reload(Tree Node); and my Tree Structure Changed(Tree Node); do the same as tree.update UI(), which means the changes are displayed but all branches collapse. This might not be the best idea but hope can give you some hints.

I know there are lots of topics posted already concerning this question but i didnt find a solution yet... Hi everyone, Hi, I have implemented my own Tree Model which i use to manage the objects i am adding to the JTree.

On the right hand side of my GUI i display the attributes of my tree nodes.

I am getting myself confused as to how this should take ...

My problem is that: I have a class (let's say Class1) that displays a JTree that shows some objects.

updating jtree-2updating jtree-48updating jtree-72

If I then add a node to the child of the node, then the tree updates OK and will show the node number as if all the ...