Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes

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Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes

But remember dont go spending your money on a 7 series if you dont have a decent processor, lots of ram and a high wattage psu. The celeron cpu isnt the best for gaming but the speed is good. For starters I would like to say that my knowledge on computer hardware in general is quiet limited.

I need some advice on whether I should (A) Buy a new computer, or (B) Upgrade my current one. With css graphics maxed out it will play around 30-100 fps on my crappy comp. Just get 2 gigs or even 1gig of ram, slap a nice graphix card in ( Nvidia! Now just a few days ago I bought Black and White 2, just to find that I couldn't play the game because my Card doesn't support 1.1 Pixel Shader. I have read quiet a few posts here and it is my understanding, that the graphic crads is just on in many factor to be considered.

Sorry I havnt been replying to posts, I've had exams lately. I havnt looked into them in detail since both of the cards selling on ebay have passed their 'end' date. Do you like the idea of having the 2 years warrantee and feeling reasurred that your covered if the card unlikely has something wrong with it.

Can that card support hdtv because you plan to hook up your fancy new tv to it.

ATI RADEON 9250 Radeon 9250 PC I 128MB DDR DVI TV NVIDIA GEFORCE FX 5200 Geforce 5200 PCI 256MB DDR TV OUT hii..i'm Stélio! i have an (MSI) ATI RX9600 pro TD-128 graphics card, 1G of ram, 2800 64bit AMD cpu.

Buy it, tell us how it goes..which one shall i get i have read the entire thread and am still not sure which one to get ?

Maybe go for a geforce 6200 (with cinefx 3.0)or if your looking to spend under £100 then get a performance FX series which include anything from the 5700 up to the 5950 (with cinefx 2.0). Maybe a dual core Fx is in the works, and being tested rite now. Your processor will be fine as 2.4ghz is recommended. Memory size is fine, the hype over 256mb is over-rated. DOnt expect to own just cuz you have a killer comp. SO in reality, just cuz the specs are all skewed between these 2 companies, they both are good. Your computer will play cs:s fine, you have a good amount of Ram so no need to worry there. None the less that card should be fine and on default settings which cs will recommend along with configuring a few higher end adjustments such as antialiasing I would say you'll get about 30-40fps.99 Pounds Here is the link: FORCE-6200-256MB-AGP-X8-GRAPHICS-CARD-BNIB_W0 QQitem Z8745769176QQcategory Z67864QQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item Now for all I know those two Cards are Identical, if you could tell me if these are suitable cards for My PC, the specifications are a few posts above. Nvidia has been pioneering new technology for awhile, and Ati seems to just be following behind, keeping their stuff simple, without radical changes like sli, or 2 slot comsuming cards. Idk why I replyed so long to such a short pointless post, I just Thot Id clear this "O ati sucks" or "O Nvidia sucks" crap up. They have the upper hand with l2 caches and people are fixated on the raw clocks speeds of 3.8ghz and with their versions of dual core making up 6.0ghz and more they take up a hell of a lot of psu power and for overclocking: infact without overclocking they're likely to burn a hole through you cpu case because of the heat they produce.On the other hand, Its the same comparison btw Intel and Amd. Anyway post back here Bio, again sorry for not replying.

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