Updating rosters in madden 09

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Updating rosters in madden 09

Here's a sneak preview of what you might expect in future updates.Please understand this list is under construction and won't be finalized until we've received more feedback on the final game from the community. Ghost Juking OOB fix - aka CPU players running out of bounds 2. Amplify the field degredation effect (the system is currently working but is hidden by some of our late added post effects) 4.LB D’Qwell Jackson – Browns – 85 to 86 – The leading tackler for the Browns by 30 tackles with 66 on the year.LT Donald Penn – Bucs – 82 to 84 – Did a very solid job blocking vs. WR Steve Breaston – Cardinals – 82 to 83 – Continued to develop and looks more and more like a #2 receiver at the very least.As always, thanks for keeping us, the community, informed. Other post-release community feedback Im also hearing some very noticible CPU ball carrier's running out of bounce way too often when there is much much room to run up field instead.

For example, if MS finds a new bug with the patch, it would easily be delayed by 2 weeks. Most would never be noticed by the average consumer but some were targeted at improving the experience as quickly as we could. Changed default quarter length of online leagues to 5 minutes. Solved a very rare stability issue that occured when using a couple of playbooks. Eliminated a button mashing glitch during high latency online games. Eliminated a stability issue that sometimes occured while viewing the player HUB in online leagues. Fixed a tricky disc eject glitch that occured at specific points of online games. Kick Return Tuning - made improvements to help reduce frequent long kick returns. Safety Tuning - eliminated issue where safeties in deep zone coverage would sometimes not react to a run to their side. The game skill slider for interceptions was tuned to amplify it's affect.

CB Orlando Scandrick – Cowboys – 75 to 76 – Playing well with Mike Jenkins as the Cowboys battle injuries in the secondary. LB Joey Porter – Dolphins – 90 to 92 – Now leads the NFL in sacks after two more vs. Blew past pro bowl LT Jason Peters to the inside on one of them.

CB Andre Goodman – Dolphins – 72 to 74 – Has been elevated to the starting lineup with a season ending injury to Michael Lehan. WR Roddy White – Falcons – 90 to 92 – Is a certifiable monster at WR.

I was on the verge last night aftrer i had typed out a rather large post that suggested this exact same idea of mine for you madden dev's to looking into..

the DLC as option for additional tweaks and options to the gamer..nice move guys. If you have a 32 team on-line league how many teams make the playoffs? I know alot of us trying to start leagues were wondering this Thanks Good show mate! This gives me more faith in 2010 than it does 2009, to be honest, because I know the guys that are working hard to get this out are the guys that are going to be giving us 2010 from the very start.

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HB Fred Jackson – Bills – 80 to 81 – Continues to catch passes, return kickoffs and even lead block on TD runs for Lynch.