Updating sony playstation Sexe chat quebec

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Updating sony playstation

Apart from creating bigger and better exclusives titles, Sony is also looking to make deals with big third-party publishers for marketing rights and content exclusive to PS5 players. In addition, a new set of job listings on Sony’s Santa Monica is a hint that God of War will be coming to PS5 too.

It’s the same studio that handled the development of other games in the God of War franchise. Sony confirmed that the Play Station 5 will feature a disk drive.

An alleged leaked email surfaced on 4Chan this week, mentioning that the Sony PS5 would be unveiled at a launch event on 21 February 2020.The gaming network restored service shortly after 3 p.m. Users began to encounter PSN errors early in the afternoon.For hours, Play Station’s network service status page showed issues across the board — including with accounts, social features, Play Station Now, Play Station Video, Play Station Vue, the Play Station Store, and Play Station Music.Since then, the network has seen its fair share of outages, leading some to criticize games companies that rely on always-online or multiplayer only features for their games.A network requirement means that outages are extra nasty, since the game you spent your hard-earned money on is suddenly useless.

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