Updating the ip helper tables

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Updating the ip helper tables

To customize initial column widths, you can invoke supplies getter and setter methods for the minimum, preferred, and maximum widths of a column, as well as a method for getting the current width.

For an example of setting cell widths based on an approximation of the space needed to draw the cells' contents, see the widths.

If you want to get around these restrictions, you need to implement your own table model, as described in Creating a Table Model.

Here is typical code for creating a scroll pane that serves as a container for a table: The scroll pane automatically places the table header at the top of the viewport.

This is because cell selection is not supported in this mode in the demo.

You can specify selection by cell in multiple interval selection mode, but the result is a table that does not produce useful selections.

Instead, a single is generally used to draw all of the cells that contain the same type of data.The user can select a contiguous range of rows or an arbitrary set of rows.The last cell that the user indicated gets a special indication; in the Metal look and feel, the cell is outlined.You may also notice that changing any of the three selection options can affect the others.This is because allowing both row selection and column selection is exactly the same as enabling cell selection. To retrieve the coordinates of the lead selection, refer to the selection models for the table itself and for the table's column model.

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