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Now use masking tape to mask off every part higher than the top of the controller ports on the main body. Step 3 - Buttons If you didn't remove them from the main body, you can do so now.

Mask off the edges of the cylindrical buttons with masking tape, only exposing the top. The reason the sides of the buttons are not sprayed is to ensure the paint does not jam the buttons. Spray paint on a previous layer of spray paint can crack if air bubbles form on the surface.

Step 5 - Uploading games If everything went well, adding games is very similar to the Updating process, except now we burn ISO files to the SD.The 3.43V pin can be connected to the 3.3V power supply on the GC motherboard directly.Although there are many locations with 3.3V I found it easiest to connect to the bottom of the board.Following the circuit schematic on the right, the view is from the top of the board with the memory card ports pointing towards you (or downwards on this page).The diagram to the right is not mine and was taken from the Mod Retro forum.

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Parts The following steps will take you through the process which will allow you to boot games from any SD card connected to the Wasp Fusion chip.

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