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For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.Alex has spent a lifetime in the sewing industry and is considered one of the foremost experts of pioneering machines and their inventors.Select "Home Sewing and Embroidery" in the "Product Group" drop-down menu.Click on "Anything Not Covered Above" as the topic that best describes your request.Go to the Brother sewing machine website,, and click on the "Support" link at the top of the page.Click the "Send Us An Email" button in the Online Support Center.He has written extensively for trade magazines, radio, television, books and publications worldwide.and selling like hot cakes around the world and the skilled company, used to forging steel and bending hot metal, took to them like a duck to water.

The story of Isaac Merritt Singer will blow your mind, his wives and lovers his castles and palaces all built on the back of one of the greatest inventions of the 19th century.Brother sewing machine serial numbers are coded to indicate the manufacture date of the machine.The letter and first number indicate the month and last digit of the year the machine was made.Often, when the Freja model was sold, all that was on the top was Made in Sweden. There is a growing collectors market, especially in Sweden. Even today she is one of the most popular Scandinavian names for girls, being the Goddess of fertility.They still sew better than many new machines and look utterly beautiful. We know her each week for Friday is still from the old Viking for Freja's Day.

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This may be a good time to explain the spelling of Husqvarna and Huskvarna.