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Visit validating

While other tools are certainly helpful to get a quick sense of what’s working and what’s not, it’s great to have options when it comes to testing an analytics implementation – and the Network tab is one of our go-to tools for feeling confident in our setup as it tells us EXACTLY what is being fired and when.

It also provides some additional helpful features you won’t find elsewhere.

As you navigate around your website and interact with various features that you are tracking for Google Analytics, you should see the subsequent requests appear in the Network tab.

gtm: GTM ID (if you are using Google Tag Manager) Event Hits ec: Event Category ea: Event Action el: Event Label Enhanced Ecommerce Data ti: transaction ID tr: transaction revenue pr[product index]id: product ID for a given product pr[product index]nm: product name for a given product …

You can’t see Ecommerce parameters in Google Tag Manager’s Preview Mode, so it’s helpful to know how to test them with the Network tab.

We have tracking code throughout our website that sends these requests to Google Analytics, every time a page is loaded or someone clicks a feature we want to track.

The requests look like URLs with lots of parameters, and those parameters contain all the info we want to see in Google Analytics.

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For fun, let’s check out the Google Analytics hits on the Google Merchandise Store website.

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