Wenthworth miller dating

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Wenthworth miller dating

American tabloids recently reported Wentworth Miller’s companion was pregnant after she sported what some interpreted to be a ‘baby bump’.

After he broke up with Wentworth, he was hooked up with the semi-professional Wrestler-cum-actor Chad Slivenski but this also was for a short while.Besides acting, Luke Macfarlane is also a singer and a songwriter.He was the lead singer for the band Fellow Nameless, in his 8th grade at Lester B.Ace Showbiz - %c Wentworth Miller% is gay and he's making it public.After his much denial, the hunk finally comes out of the closet with his sex orientation as he's been spotted out and about with his rumored gay partner %c Luke Mc Farlane% over the weekend.

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