Whitney houston jermaine jackson dating

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Whitney houston jermaine jackson dating

Even when you have two people who have the money, the fame and the same kind of status.It's the time factor - having the time to establish a relationship and to try to keep it."Whitney says she was introduced to Murphy by Arsenio Hall ("Arsenio is my buddy. That's the bottom line."So, Whitney, when you strip the "gravy" away from Randall Cunningham, what do you find? "Her rich, sensuous laughter reflects the powerful, vibrant singing voice. He's a good person."Whitney says she is neither pregnant nor engaged, as the tabloids report, but she emphasizes that marriage and children are important to her.

So how can you say that this is what I am or what I do?

"For her 26th birthday, Whitney threw a big bash at her million Morris County, N.

J., estate that has an Olympic-size swimming pool, tennis court and 32-track recording studio. "Yes, Edward gave me this ring."It is the only piece of jewelry she wears other than a diamond cross - from her mother, Cissy Houston - in one ear."Yeah, we're friends," she says of Murphy.

"My success happened so quickly that when I first came out, Black people felt |she belongs to us,'" she says, still trying to understand why some Blacks lashed out at her.

"And then all of a sudden the big success came and they felt I wasn't theirs anymore, that I wasn't within their reach.

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It was felt that I was making myself more accessible to Whites, but I wasn't."Concerning the booing at the Soul Train Awards, Whitney has concluded that because she had won two Grammies, two Emmies, and 11 Ameriocan Music Awards, "They [some people in the audience] had just gotten sick of me and just didn't want me to win another award. "I don't like it and I don't appreciate it, but I just kind of write it off as ignorance."Of all the rumors, Whitney is most irked - and hurt - by allegations that she is involved in an affair with her close friend and executive assistant, Robyn Crawford.