Who is adam clayton dating

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Who is adam clayton dating

When he was 4 years old, Clayton's father worked in Kenya as a pilot with East African Airways, the family being resident in Nairobi (Clayton regards this as the happiest period of his childhood).In 1965, the family moved to Malahide, northern County Dublin, Ireland, where Clayton's brother Sebastian was born.Adam Charles Clayton, the oldest child of Brian and Jo Clayton, was born on 13 March 1960 in Chinnor, Oxfordshire, England.

In 1981, around the time of U2's second, spiritually charged album, October, a rift was created in the band between Clayton and Mc Guinness, and the three other band members.

Here he made friends with other pupils who were enthusiastic about the pop/rock music acts of the period, including the Who, the Beatles, the Grateful Dead, and Carole King.

In response he bought a £5 acoustic guitar from a junk-shop near the Dublin quays, and began learning elementary chords and songs.

Mc Cormick and Martin left the band soon after its inception.

While the band was a five-piece (consisting of Bono, the Edge, Mullen, Dik Evans, and Clayton) it was known as "Feedback".

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Clayton later changed school to the non-boarding Mount Temple Comprehensive School in Dublin, where he met future U2 bandmates Paul Hewson ("Bono") and Larry Mullen Jr., who were also pupils there, and was reunited with his childhood friend David Evans.

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