Who is bethany joy lenz dating how to handle an intimidating boss

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Who is bethany joy lenz dating

Lenz has been supporting for a long period the International human right organization by the help of the social media outlets.She has an online boutique where she sells the clothes that she designs.Before she played in One Tree Hill, Bethany was spending most of her time acting at the stage.She said that the musical theater is her passion and she was able to perform in different productions such as CAT for the Cats, Cinderella, Gypsy, Wizard of Oz and Annie. From her paternal side, she is an Australian with Irish, German and Scottish descents.Bethany was previously married to Micheal Galeota, a former Enation Keyboardist.The couple tied the knot on December 31, 2005, after dating for a long time.

However, after sometime, the pair were seen while holding hands while leaving an event at Lakers Youth foundation and this confirmed that they were a couple.

The duo used to share immense love and affection in the initial years which hinted that they might be together forever.

However, the guessing of their fans turned wrong as the couple separated six years after the marriage.

Bethany Joy Lenzlived with her husband in the Washington, the place known as the Battle Ground. She gave birth in 2011 to a daughter known as Maria Rose Galeotti.

However, within a year, she said that she is getting the divorce from her husband.

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She started to play when she was 7 years old when she got the role as the Munchkin in the local production known as the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.