Who is chris crocker dating

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Here are the details, rumors and photos that might answer the question: Are Chris Crocker and Aaron Carter dating? The world was both confused and excited when Chris took to Instagram to post multiple photos with Aaron.In one, he even slyly captioned, "Aaron found his candy." Other captions include "why you so ashamed of me," and "@aaroncarter and me got couples therapy to sort through." The photos have since been deleted.He, however, has now stopped making You Tube videos and is trying his hands in gay porn.Chris became an overnight sensation in You Tube after the video and the video was named one of the top videos in 2007.

Chris Crocker is a household name in the vines industry known for his witty vines and You Tube videos depicting random moments of his daily life.Chris accepted his sexuality as gay from a very early age, which brought him to become the subject of constant bullying and harassment.When the harassment became unbearable, he had to stop going out and opted for homeschooling.But that came with many consequences as Chris received uncountable vile abuses and satirizing comments from the internet.Ten years after the release of the video, Chris mentioned in one of his videos, about the hard time he was going through when he made the infamous video, as his mother was going through addiction issues at that period of time.

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