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Neil kindly responded with the following elements : I agree that the logging you already have in haproxy is more flexible and detailed, and I acknowledge that the benefit of exporting s Flow-HTTP records is not immediately obvious.The value that s Flow brings is that the measurements are standard, and are designed to integrate seamlessly with s Flow feeds from switches, routers, servers and applications to provide a comprehensive end to end picture of the performance of large scale multi-tier systems.We very much want our community members to play a big role in the conference.With that in mind, please consider submitting an abstract as part of our call-for-papers process, which is now open.Cyril was very receptive to these arguments and accepted to maintain his patchset out of tree waiting for the features to be implemented (Update: 1.5-dev20 with maps now make this possible).Cyril's code is well maintained and used in production so there is no risk in using it on 1.4, except the fact that the configuration statements will change a bit once you upgrade to 1.5.

I personally am clueless about s Flow and expressed my skepticism to Neil about the benefits of sampling some HTTP traffic when you can get much more detailed informations for free with existing logs.

Tu trouves qu'haproxy est un projet intressant mais qu'il pourrait tre amlior?

Tu comptes en nanosecondes, en cycles de CPU, en gigabits/s et en taux de miss de cache?

We are designing this conference with our community in mind.

All sessions will be highly informative and technical in nature, without marketing fluff.

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Since it does not advertise itself, we only know it's used when the admins report it :-) Its mode of operation makes its integration into existing architectures very easy and riskless, while still offering the possibility not to expose fragile web servers to the net, such as below : Quite some time ago now, Cyril Bont contacted me about a very interesting feature he has developped, initially for 1.4, and which now supports both 1.4 and 1.5.